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What can you do in and around Missisauga

Mississauga is the largest suburb in Canada. In fact, it has been regarded as the sixth most populated city. It is located on the shores of Lake Ontario that spans for more than 280 square kilometres. The city was established in 1974 and has become one of the most exciting ones at that. There are several ways to enjoy your day in Mississauga whether you are exploring it alone or with a group.

Here are a few attractions that should be helpful I this context.

Check out the historic village of Port Credit

The village of Port Credit was established in 1720 and has a huge degree of historic importance attached to it. The core of the village or the city lies in being the heritage conservation district. The location of Port Credit is treated as the Village on the Lake and it lives up to the name in all probability. The wonderful architecture, the beautiful parks and the lakefront marina are a few of the prime attractions that you would find quite exciting and interesting here.

The Adamson Estate

The Adamson Estate is located in the village of Port Credit. Originally built as a private home and farmland in the year 1809, it has been made open for public now. The Flemish architecture house should ideally be one of the unique options to explore in the vicinity. You can also witness the historic barn onsite and a cemetery for the pets. The white pine tress has been at the site ever since the mansion has been built.

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Go for a long walk

The Waterfront Trail extends from Cornwall all the way to Niagara-on-the-lake. The trail is around 740 kilometres longer. The trail passe through both residential and commercial areas of Mississauga. It should be one of the excellent trails for walking, running, cycling, skateboarding and a wide range of other activities. You can move to east to reach Toronto or even towards west to reach up to Oakville.

The Playdium

The Playdium is yet another powerful attraction in Mississauga and offers you access to one of the exciting options to check out. The massive entertainment complex offers you access to several arcade and other attractions. Located in the 1 acres of land right in Mississauga’s city centre, it does comprise a wide range of attractions a few of which include 12,000 square metres of fun that includes a massive arcade, simulated rides, a laser maze and a couple of restaurants. Yu also has a miniature golf course here.

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Best places to visit in Mississauga

Mississauga is known for a wide range of attractions of touristic importance. The best spots to visit in Mississauga range across a wide range of them that would include artwork, historic streets and pristine gardens. That is perhaps what makes Mississauga one of the best and most prominent locations in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Square One

Square One is one of the best malls you would find in Canada. The mall has more than 300 shops and other establishments. The food court at the location is one of the best that you would find here. You will not be able to resist the urge for having a bite or two at the food courts at the mall. If you are a coffee lover, you will find 13 best coffee shops offering coffee here.

Celebration Square

This is yet another worthy location in Mississauga. You will find the location providing you access to different events and also showcases a huge range of cultures from different countries. The location also hosts the open-air concerts, and sports events at its best. Worthy of its name, it can be your best bet for enjoying a great degree of experience when it comes to enjoying a wide range of celebrations ever.

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The Port credits

Port Credit and its history date back to 1720s, and that should ideally make it one of the prime options ever. The village is located on the shore of the Lake Ontario. That is perhaps why it is known as the Village on the lake. You will find access to old timer architecture and even beautiful parks. That would provide you access to one of the right choices for a peaceful experience ever. The Port Credit boat show should be one of the excellent options that can prove to be one of the great options ever.


If you are someone who loves historic look and appearance, you would find that Streetsville can be what would make it one of the right choices ever. The streets of the Streetsville are found to be buzzing with tourists. You would also find it offering you access to several festivals that would include Bread and Honey Festival in June, Canada Day celebration on July 1st and the beautiful Santa Claus Parade in December. You will also have access to multiple boutiques and restaurants at the location.

The art gallery

Do you love arts? Then the art gallery at Mississauga should be one of the promising locations that you would find rather impressive. Opened in 1987, the art gallery has been quite impressive. It does host more than 500 work of art. There are exhibitions held at the art gallery throughout the year making it further impressive option.

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