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What is Mississauga known for

Mississauga is seen as one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. It forms part of the Greater Toronto Area or GTA region and has been considered to be the right city that you would want to migrate. What is the city known for and what you should know about it before you can move on to explore the city? Let us explore the city and find a few unknown facts about the city of Mississauga.

It is one of the biggest cities

Mississauga is one of the biggest cities and you would find it quite unique and interesting in almost every extent. It is one of the biggest cities in terms of population. In essence, it can safely treat to be the bigger city than Detroit, Denver, Boston, Washington and Vancouver.

Why was Mississauga named Mississauga?

The name of Mississauga city has a history attached to it. Mississauga as a word translates into River of the North of Many Mouths. The city was named Mississauga in 1967

There was a request for a new name by the Township of Toronto in 1965 for the new name for the city. It was just called City of Toronto and that was found to be quite confusing. As many as 889 different names were suggested and Mississauga was one of the most popular. The fact that the name was preferred because of the popularity of ‘The Mississauga News’, a local paper started by history buff, Kenneth Armstrong. The 1967 election selected the name and it is now the part of the history.

Mississauga has a record for many shoots of movies and TV shows

The city is beautiful and unique in many ways. That should explain why it is preferred by many film makers and TV show producers. The city has a huge number of shows and other content that has further made the city all the more popular.

Some of the TV shows shot here include The Handmaid’s Tale, Coroner, private Eyes, Titans, Schitt’s Creek and Shadowhunter’s to name a few. The movies that have been picturized in Mississauga would include The Lie, every day, A Simple Favor, Fahrenheit 451 and A Family Man.

Mississauga Party Bus

The best transportation options in Mississauga

Mississauga does provide you with a wide range of transportation options. The airport is quite closest and offers you a great degree of international quality of travelling. That apart, there are taxi cabs that can be helpful for taking you around the city.

However, the perfect choice for a traveler or tourist should be to hire the Mississauga Party Bus. They would offer you one of the excellent and high-end travel options that can redefine your experience further. The professionalism, the knowledge of every tourist attraction around the city and other options should ideally make it a great travel companion that you would want to partner with.

Well, those were just a few inputs into the best that the city of Mississauga does offer you. Enjoy the exciting extravaganza that you stand to gain and get access to one of the most interesting travelling experiences ever.

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Kids friendly destinations in Mississauga

Mississauga in Canada is perhaps a traveller’s paradise. It does provide a great deal of options and attractions for practically every genre of traveller out there. What if you are travelling with kids and checking out the best possible options that you would find quite impressive in providing a great degree of experience for enjoying a great degree of performance enhancement for the elite tourist in you.

Sky Zone in Mississauga

The Sky Zone in Mississauga is a great option for enjoying the best trampoline gym experience for your kids. If you have a birthday or any such event coming up, it can even double up as a great avenue for your enhanced experience in terms of a great enjoyment and fitness exercise. It packs in a wide range of attractions that would include Warrior Course, Warped Wall, Ultimate Dodgeball, Glow Nights, Freestyle Jump, SkyLadder, SkySlam, Foam Zone and more.


This is yet another great location that you can visit with your kids. The venue has attractions lined up for the smaller kids and grown-up children alike. The miniature golf, tech and family games and a wide range off other attractions should definitely make it one of the most unique options in almost every sense of the word. Once again, it can be your great venue for the sports themed event location if you have any such event coming up. The venue offers a host of adrenaline filled games for the children irrespective of the age group that they are in.


This one is a family friendly location for the indoor entertainment options. It does provide you with a huge collection of new and classic arcade games that you would want to enjoy like never before. You can also check out a host of other attractions such as interactive video games, virtual reality games, billiards and pool tables, Ping-Pong, huge screens and more than 80 TVs. The location has been considered to be one of the unique options for the gaming birthday venues for your unique event ideas.

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Ontario Science centre

Are your kids a little grown up and looking to enjoy a great degree of experience that involves a few DIY experiments and learning more about the science and technology aspects? Then a visit to the Ontario Science centre should be your great choice in almost every way. The venue also has offers such as family friendly films and downloadable educational guides that you would perhaps find quite unique in their own way.

Well, what are you waiting for? Simply pick one of the reliable Mississauga Limousine services and move on a journey filled with an exciting journey ever. The affordability and professionalism offered by the service providers should definitely provide you one of the truly enhanced experiences ever. Get access to a great travelling and enjoyment with your kids and get access to an experience that takes you through a huge satisfaction. A few of the venues above serve as the learning tools and that should make your travel much more fruitful in every sense of the word.

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best family fun in Mississauga

Mississauga is one of the most unique options in Canada and perhaps a great city close to Toronto. If you are with family and kids, the destination does provide you access to one of the most unique travelling experiences ever. Let us explore a few of the great travelling destinations that you can enjoy in and around Mississauga with your family and kids and have great fun.

Air Riderz Adventure Park

This one is one of the most unique options for that enjoyable tour with family for a huge family fun. It does come with an exciting indoor trampoline park with 26,000 sqft. You would have access to a wide range of activities such as Jump zone, Innovative climbing walls, GTAs most challenging Ninja Warrior Course, Interactive video games on trampolines, Stunt bag and many more options. This should be an extremely rewarding local attraction ever.

Captive Escape Rooms Mississauga

How about getting captivated in differently themed rooms? You will be captivated in these rooms with your friends or family for 60 minutes. You will need to accomplish your missions and be a superhero of your own movie. Make sure that you have escaped before the time expires. Isn’t that a great way to find the smart among you?

Big Blue Waterslide

This one should be the 165 feet of pure fun. It has been regarded as the longest waterslide in the entire Greater Toronto Area. It can double up as a convenient location for a birthday celebration and similar another event. The fun filled packages should ideally make it one of the unique options in the long run for practically every need that you may have. Why stop when you can explore one of the best waterslide experiences ever?

Back Nine

Back Nine is a premier indoor golf simulator facility in Mississauga. However, it also doubles up as a great venue for practically every sort of event that you might have planned. The interior design of the venue would definitely leave you spellbound. The indoor environment gels well with the natural outdoor elements. It should be your great option for providing you access to a relaxing atmosphere ever.

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Classic Bowl

If you are someone who loves the best of the bowling experience ever, this should be your number one destination for enjoying one of the unique experiences and training ever. you will also find the venue sticking to best industry standards with customer care, cleanliness, safety and maintenance. An area of over 70,000 sq. ft. of family fun and entertainment makes it a definitely unique destination for the best in terms of family entertainment and enjoyment.

Well, with a few of those options, it is equally important to focus on the right type of transportation to reach those destinations. Our recommendation is to hire Mississauga Party Bus for one of the most unique experiences ever. Get access to one of the most affordable, unique and powerful travelling experience ever that would keep your fun element at the top. Check out the best options in your region and enjoy your stay in Mississauga.