If you are in Mississauga and want to move away a little from the metropolitan vibe of the city, the best option would be to visit a park in and around the city. Kariya Park is one of the excellent options for enjoying a pleasant and exciting experience when you are in Mississauga or any surrounding region.

Kariya Park – What it is all about?

One of the excellent tranquil places in Mississauga, Ontario, Kariya Park has been one of the best peaceful Japanese gardens. The park is an honour to the Japanese city of Kariya. The park is centrally located and easy to access.

The Kariya Park is located closer enough to the Square One Mall which is one of the biggest shopping centres in the region. In fact, despite being close to such a crowded place, the Kariya Park is very calm and quiet in every sense of the word. The Japanese style is what would make the park stand apart from the rest.

The Japanese styled pavilion is perhaps what you would find extremely rewarding and enjoyable. If you have visited any Japanese city, you would definitely feel at home. The Friendship Bell in the middle should further make it a truly rewarding experience in more ways than one. It was donated by the Kariya city for celebrating the 20th anniversary of the city as part of the twin city partnership.

The best times to visit the Kariya Park would be to reach it out in the spring. You would find the cherry blossom blooms quite exciting and unique in every sense of the word. However, you would find the park one of the excellent options to visit all around the year – that includes the spring, summer, and fall. The Ponds here also provide you access to some of the great geese and ducks in the pond here.

The Kariya Park is open for the visitors between 7.00 am to 9.00 pm. The park is open all round the year. However, some of the paths and locations may be blocked during the winter because of the ice and snow fall.

How to get around the Kariya Park?

Reaching to Kariya Park and enjoying it should be quite simple and easy with the right type of transportation. One of the excellent options to travel around Kariya Park would be to hire a Mississauga party bus. That would provide you one of the promising experiences ever in travelling through your destinations.

Mississauga Party Bus

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