The city of Mississauga is Toronto’s largest suburb and the sixth most populated city in Canada. The city was actually established in 1974, but has a history that dates back to 1600s. It first became a town and then later went on to become a city. We will check out the top best things that you can do in Mississauga if you are a first time visitor and do not know much about the city. And yes, if you are looking to explore the city, make sure that you hire the reliable Mississauga party bus.

Check out the historic village of Port Credit

Sitting along the coastline of Lake Ontario, Port credit has history that dates back to 1720. It has been known as the heritage conservation district and in also referred to as Village on the lake. The old town atmosphere associated with Port Credit should be something quite interesting in itself. The walkways and trails that form part of the itinerary should be yet another unique attraction.

Enjoy a long walk

The waterfront Trail is one of the unique and interesting walking trails that you can find in Mississauga. The trail has a whopping length of around 740 kilometres. The trail passes through both residential and commercial areas. Apart from walking, it can also be a good choice for cycling, skateboarding and inline skating.

Walk across the Streetsville

Streetsville is one of the quaint locations in Mississauga. The region is known for the historic buildings, and a wonderful cityscape. The location has a very tight knit community and offers a great degree of hospitality extended to the visitors. You would find several festivals taking place here, a few select options being the Bread and Honey Festival in June, a Canada Day celebration on July 1st and December’s Santa Claus Parade. Wandering in the regions is a great way to enjoy an afternoon.

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Pladyum arcade for a great fun

Having an excellent quality of fun at the Paldyum should come as a unique experience. It does provide you access to an arcade and a host of other attractions. The location offers you a massive arcade, simulated rides, a laser maze and a couple of restaurants. Other attractions that you can find here would include an 18-hole miniature golf course, a baseball dome and one of the longest Go-Kart tracks in Canada.

Enjoy the art

If you are an art lover, you would find Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM) a must visit location. It has four different gallery spaces and was opened for public in 1987. The art gallery hosts exhibitions all through the year. That apart, it also has plenty of permanent collection that can prove to be much exciting and unique. You can enjoy more than 500 works of art.

Well, that is just a glimpse at what Mississauga offers you. There are plenty of other options that you would find quite unique and interesting. Visit the unique city once and you can stand a chance to get access to a great degree of experience par excellence.

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