There is no dearth of waterfalls in Toronto. One of the unique and interesting waterfalls in Mississauga that tourists swear by are Wahoosh Falls. If you have not heard about it, it is the right time to know more about the falls and explore it like never before.

The Wahoosh Falls – What you should know about it?

The Wahoosh Waterfalls are the small little water falls located in the middle of the Mississauga city. Tucked away silently behind the busy street of the city, it is quite magical. In fact, most of the people do not know that a waterfall exists in Mississauga at this venue.

Classified as a small cascade waterfall, it is just around 10 feet tall. The falls are active all year long and does not dry up in any season. However, if you are looking for any hiking option in the region, we are sorry to let you know that there are no hiking trails located here.

How to reach Wahoosh Falls?

The Wahoosh Falls are located at the intersection of Burnham Thorpe Road West and Mississauga Road. The waterfall is located to the north of Burnham Thorpe and east of Mississauga Road. The best views of the waterfalls can be viewed from the middle of the creek. To explore the creek, you may need to wear the professional hiking shoes.

If you are wondering when to visit the waterfalls, you would be interested to notice that it is available all year long. If you are checking out the photography opportunities, it would be a good idea to visit the falls on a weekday morning. The bet shots can be taken earlier in the day.

Where should you park?

If parking is your concern, you would not find any formal parking lot. It may be a good idea to visit the nearby Riverwood Conservancy and park your car there. You can even hike a few trails in the Riverwood Conservancy.

The better idea would however be to hire a Mississauga Party Bus or a limo based on the size of your group. That way, you do not need to worry about the parking and other hassles as your service provider would be able to handle it appropriately. They can even drop you off, and then pick you up at the predetermined time.

Mississauga Party Bus

Anything else that you can do in Mississauga?

Apart from the Wahoosh Falls, you also have a few other attractions in Mississauga that would make your visit all the more wonderful and exciting. A few of the activities that you would find impressive can include

Visiting a few parks and gardens in Port Credit.

You may also go for a few hiking trails in and around Mississauga

Check out the two conservation areas in the region.

You may also check out the Kariya park which is a Japanese garden near Square One.

Well, thee Wahoosh Falls in Mississauga should be something that you would find extremely unique in its own right. The Mississauga administration has put a fence around the falls now terming it unsafe. We would just look ahead to find a viewing platform designed at the location quite soon.

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